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20% Off Manuscript Evaluation
20% Off Manuscript Evaluation

Ends March 20, 2022

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When you hire a professional editor, you are ensuring that your manuscript is in ship-shape before sending it to the publisher.   The publishing world is extremely competitive. That means your manuscript needs to stand out.  

We can help you to identify the areas that need work in terms of plot and character development, dialogue use, the flow of the story, theme consistencies, and more.  We will help you to catch the common problems that often cause publishers to throw a manuscript in the bin, and coach you on how to fix those problems. 

common mistakes publishers see in manuscripts

Point of view

Inconsistent or improper use of point of view. 

We can teach you which type of point of view is perfect for your story and how to use it effectively


That is: back-story.  Authors from all experience levels either divulge too much or too little in the wrong places.  We can teach you how to show your reader your character's backstory, and where to place it in your work.

Word choice

Word choice can either make or break a manuscript.  We can show you where you need to make changes and how those changes really matter.

Characters & Dialogue

Authors often want to create characters that are likable and in so doing, make them actually sound rather perfect. That is an industry no-no!  

Dialogue is a reflection and a revelation of the characters that you are creating.  We specialize in developing realistic characters and dialogue and can pass on my knowledge to you.

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