Why Hire
Stonecreek Editing Services?
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If you are planning on sending your book to traditional publishers, hiring an editor before you send your proposal is a MUST. 

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Further Develop Your Writing Skills

I guarantee that as we edit your book, you will gain some valuable insights into your writing style and how to improve it.

Get Help with Self-Publishing

The self-publishing world is a vast labyrinth!  There are many decisions to make and extra things to do that you would have to worry about if you were sending your book to a publisher (interior/exterior design, marketing, distribution, etc.) 

I have experience with book design, promotion and first hand knowledge of the pros and cons of working with most  self-publishing websites

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Get Your Book Proposal Written for you

If you'd like to get your book published by a traditional publisher, I can help with that process as well. I am a skilled query letter writer and have a working database of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

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