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We are the book editing and marketing professionals here at Stonecreek Editing Services. We started this company because of our passion for all things fiction.  Now, we have expanded to be full-service author support from idea conception to submitting proposals to publishers to cover design.  We can do it all, and are passionate about it!


As experienced writers and authors, we understand the unique journey that an author needs to take in order to get published in this day and age.  Authors used to be able to focus on writing, but this is no longer the case.  Now publishers expect the manuscripts that they receive to be sparkling clean, which often requires a new AND HIGHLY EXPERIENCED set of eyes- (THAT'S US!)

  And that's not all.  We haven't mentioned  the MOUNTAIN that all authors must climb, no matter how they become published (traditionally, through a hybrid agreement, or via self-publishing)

Self-Promotion and book marketing.

We wanted to change all of that by offering our expertise in editing, proofreading, cover design, interior design, book marketing and author branding, and so much more; so that you can buckle down and concentrate on writing.


Lyndsay Stanley

Developmental Editor,
Writing Coach  &
Published Author
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Lyndsay is an accomplished writer of several different books from science fiction novels to children's picture books. When she is not writing her next book, Lyndsay keeps herself busy with her day job as a Developmental Editor, Writing Coach, and Book Designer. 


Lyndsay is also the main content driver for the blog,  "The Jazz Writer", where she provides helpful tips on how to improve writing skills geared toward writers who are just finding their way.

Lyndsay lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two young children. When she is not writing her next book, Lyndsay enjoys learning new things about ancient history, painting, and playing with her children.