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We provide many services to do with book development.   You can choose to request all of the services in one package or a single service, depending on your needs.  

starting at .0015 cents per word


We will ensure that your manuscript is sparkly clean, and 100% error-free. As native English speakers, university graduates, and professional writers, we have an excellent grasp of English grammar.

custom-built packages.  Inquire for pricing.


Trust professional content writer and published author Lyndsay Stanley to take your idea for a fiction novel to new heights. She'll ghostwrite your story taking into account the style, genre and plot structure that you had in mind when you first conceived your idea for a book.

starting at .02 cents per word

We will provide you with professional developmental and line editing services.  This involves providing feedback on your book's overall structure, plotline, character development, and point-of-view analysis.  We will also suggest 'hooks' and 'arches' which will ensure that you deliver interesting, entertaining, and unique material to your readers.

Starting at $32.00 USD per hour


We can help you further develop your writer's craft, teach you how to 'show instead of telling', how to write within a five-act plot structure and how to outline your book so that you'll be able to write consistently and with ease.


custom-built packages.  Inquire for pricing.

We can take your black and white word document and turn it into something unique.  This service includes designed chapter title pages, unique fonts, and designed front and back matter (author profile pages, requests for reviews, promos of other published material, acknowledgement pages, etc)

starts at $32.00 USD/ hour

We are the experts at book design, author platform set up and social media management.  We have been in the business long enough to know how to promote any book on any budget.  Rely on us to  get your book in front of the right audience.

custom-built packages.  Inquire for pricing.

So, you've decided that you'd like to send your manuscript to publishers who are open to submission?  

The process of submitting your proposal to publishers is painstaking and requires attention to detail and precision.  Each publisher requires different materials to be sent and in different formats.  Understanding how to write those documents is vital.  That is where we can help.

We will help you to write a master proposal package including a query letter, a winning series of synopsis, market analysis documents, and author platform descriptions.  You can elect to be as involved in the process as you'd like. 

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