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Our Most Recent Projects

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Empire Resurgent
by Robert Bruton

This was an exciting and challenging project!  It is a historical fiction set in the 6th century during the time of  Emperor Justinian.  

This novel had many complex themes and over twenty characters with at least six separate point-of-view characters to juggle.

For this project, we helped the client with intensive developmental editing and fiction-writing lessons.


Walking the Road to Self-Love
by Anne van Gessel

A unique and deeply authentic self-help book by an author who is very real about her experiences with dyslexia.

For this project, we delivered our entire repertoire of services: writing lessons, editing & proofreading, proposal writing and delivery, and now book promotion services.

Potential Book Covers for Self Help Book (1).png



The Language of Corpses by T.T Linse

An intensely imaginative futuristic sci-fi trilogy set in an interstellar universe of epic proportions!  For this project, we helped the author with Book Promotion.  Namely, we developed her author platform, created an in-depth book launch plan for her self-published book(s), and set her on a track to create back-to-back content for her website in order to increase her following.


In Her Shoes
by Farrah Qazi

A tale of giving and selflessness, a little girl from the USA begins to understand that there are others in the world that are not as fortunate, and the importance of generosity.

For this project, we helped the client by providing developmental editing, proofreading, and proposal writing services.

In Her Shoes_edited.png


Cruz Finds His Way

A coming of age tale was written around the life of a small crow who needs to learn how to read signs in order to be successful and independent.

For this project, we provided developmental editing, proofreading, and book design services

ambition factor.jpeg

Ambition Factor
by Ana Paula Tediosi


 This book is a discovery journey about the reality of ambitious professional mothers today. It's a tale with the intention of rewriting the meaning of ambition, the narrative of working mothers, and the way women achieve their goals and wellbeing

For this project, we provided developmental editing and proofreading services.

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